Animal Myths

This page is all about common myths people have about animals. There are many rumors about animals ever gotten the chance to touch an animal but turned down for one reason or another? Maybe you under estemated  some animals by calling them dumbWell if you have, these might be some reasons why:

  1. Snakes are slimy

Even though many people say that snakes are slimy. However, with the exception of water snakes, their skin is usually dry.

2. Ostriches stick there head in the ground

When someone says Ostriches are smart don’t immediately disregard them. Not only is the fact that Ostriches popping there head in a hole witch therefor makes them dumb completely false,  they have three stomaches and are extremely resourceful; Using there wings to attract mates, Shade there chicks from the sun, and act as “rudders” (to help them change directions when running super fast.

3.  Hippos are NOT harmless

If you ever decide to go on a safari you’re better of making a wide arc around a hippo infested river, or a hippo itself! Hippos are not friendly and you’re about to learn it the easy way. When hippos open there mouth they aren’t smiling. There actually warning you not to get close to it or your going to be stabbed by a some 2 foot long tusks. Hippos are the second most territorial animals in the continent of Africa, (water buffalo are the first) they can stand up to a lion or crocodile and are known for upturning crossing boats and usually killing all the people- lets just say, coming face to face with a hippo isn’t fun.